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Sell With Caillard Kaddour

Not all real estate agencies are the same, it’s a fact that to stand out in the crowd you must have a point of difference and only time will tell if it is positive. Caillard & Kaddour has been constantly winning for over 50 years. When it comes time to selling your property, make no mistake it’s a competition so who will you want in your team, a winner – Caillard & Kaddour.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations in the preparation and sale of your property. At Caillard & Kaddour we understand you have a choice and the importance of selecting the right real estate agent secure in the knowledge that you are with a professional organisation, one that understands its role, to obtain the desired result for you the vendor.

Caillard & Kaddour is committed to the community and the prosperity of the region, is a major employer and seen by many as the company to aspire to.

Caillard & Kaddour has been established in the region for over fifty years and we have always understood that markets evolve; we attribute our success to the ability to identify the shift in trends, adapting with professionalism to the new conditions and embracing the latest technology but never losing sight of our core values.

Today our real estate business is structured so that we can work alongside our clients whatever their lifestyles and expectations. Our offices are ideally located across Vanuatu and the Pacific Islands, we can tie into shifts in demographics or trends and by covering varied lifestyle options we can match our client’s needs at whatever stage they may in their life cycle.

By operating as a regional real estate team across the Pacific Islands we have a reputation that only comes with service and consistency; those in the buying phase trust Caillard & Kaddour to provide a well prepared and varied property portfolio.

Caillard & Kaddour attracts highly motivated individuals who are chosen on their merits, not necessarily from within the industry; operating at all levels with clear goals, bringing to bear their experiences and knowledge for the good and benefit of the team and ultimately the vendor.

With confidence and enthusiasm our team embraces new ideas and technologies. All the Caillard & Kaddour offices command unparalleled respect from our peers. We are at the cutting edge of the real estate industry in Vanuatu. Education is the key, not only for attracting the high achievers, but as a way of inspiring new ideas and evaluating old ones. Yes, this has given us an unfair advantage.

We listen to our clients so that we can give intelligent advice with a low stress, highly professional and innovative approach to selling your property. We understand the value of different markets and we work as a team to deliver outstanding results through knowledge, experience, hard work and a personal focus on every appointment.

To find out more about how Vanuatu’s leading real estate agent can help you, contact us.