Port Vila
Rue Pasteur Port Vila Shefa Province
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U.F - April 2020

Celine, I am very impressed by your efficient personal handling of all details. It shows how thoroughly you work in the interest of your clients.  It is a pleasure dealing with you.


D.L - 09/2019

Thank you again for all your work and perseverance  with this sale, very much appreciated under difficult circumstances.

J.T - January 2023


We both would like to express our sincere appreciation, in particular to Celine for the most efficient manner that all aspects of the Sale of the property were handled.

I.M - 08/2019

May I take this time to sincerely thankyou on behalf of my family for your assistance to make this a

dream come true.

May God bless you in your good work and your team.

T.A - June 2022


Dear Céline, thank you so much for your excellent attention to the sale of our house in Elluk and your service.

D.K - May 2020

Celine, we have been pleased with the support you have offered during the sale of our property.  

L.A - June 2022


Dear Celine, we are very appreciative of the turnaround time to this purchase. This is splendid service and we deeply thank you for your professionalism in this regards. We say deep gratitude and thank you!

D.M June 2021

Thanks Celine, and thank you again for finding a buyer so fast.

A.P - June 2022


CK Team! Vous êtes d'une efficacité incroyable! 

T.S June 2021

It was a pleasure dealing with you Celine.

You demonstrated a high quality service.

K.R - Nov 2019

I would like to thank you for the good work you have done towards the land until the settlement.

C.M February 2022

Céline, je vous remercie pour tout et surtout pour avoir bien mené cette opération! 
J’espère que vous aurez encore beaucoup de succès avec cette année qui commence!