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Vanuatu 40th Independence Anniversary Celebration

One week ago, when the world was on it's knee during the pandemic crises, one little nation was breaking every rules of it. The Republic of Vanuatu just finished celebrating the 40th Independence Anniversary on the 30th July. 

The president imposed a strict public holiday week for all businesses, so that everyone can enjoy the festivities put in place. The government, provinces, municipalities, the private sector, churches, schools, communities and individuals in Vanuatu started the celebrations with a parade that took place on the  23rd July. The communities from different nationalities joined along the parade which started from Tagabe to the Independence Park. While many countries  were still in confinement, Vanuatu citizens, dressed in very brightful colors along the main highway were marching, chanting and dancing, no social distancing, just happiness. 

Gathering more than 19,000 people in the streets, it was very successful. There were 3 main centers proposing many activities and events during the week, towards Self-Reliance. To compensate the strike of the Vanuatu Tourism, the Agriculture was one of the main topic  that was put in front, as the government is now directing their strategies  toward it. Many ideas and innovative solutions were displayed to the public, showing their commitment into making  rebuilding up the Vanuatu Economy.


Chris M.